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What is Whisk broom and Push broom difference ?

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What is "Whisk broom" and "Push broom" difference ?



What is "Whisk broom" and "Push broom" ? What is the difference between Whisk broom and Push broom ?


Actually it is very easy to understand by one picture here:


Whisk broom, we need to whisk it left and right,or forward and backward while using, we usualy use it to cleaning small scrap.


Push broom, we need to push it forward only while using, we can use it for wild place, to clear heavy debris.


Looking at the arrow in the above pic then you will know the direction that you will need to use it with your arms.


For our company, we are professional to produce push brooms, we mainly produce the broom head, you can find different kinds of push brooms from our website: 


And you can also buy wooden handles from us, to assemble them to a T-shape push broom, or someone calls this kind of broom as hard broom, floor brush. 


We have two kind of push broom hair, plastic fiber hair plant fiber hair, we will introduce the different application to you next time!



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